The Net Effect – Interface NeoCon 2013

An inspiring NeoCon 2013  ….. My favorite showroom was the same as last year …. Interface.  They featured their new line of carpet tiles Net Effect which honors the ocean and the people who benefit directly from its resources.


Their program Net-Works collaborates with small fishing villages in the Philippines to employee locals to clean up the beaches and waters of discarded fishing nets that threaten their livelihood and the double barrier reef off their shore.  According to the Interface website and the Wisconsin Sales Representative Steve Jende the discarded fishing nets are collected and sold to Interface’s yarn supplier to provide recycled yarn content for Interface carpet tile.  This demonstrates a truly sustainable design solution that honors the environment by taking care of the ocean, the humans with added jobs and a cleaner environment for them to continue their livelihoods, and economic sense for Interface by using less virgin materials.  As the slide in the Interface showroom so aptly stated “The real story is what’s behind the molecules in the yarn.”


Thank you Interface for caring about BOTH the Environment and the Humans!